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MSI HD R7770 Power Edition Review



For a mid-range graphics card the MSI R7770 Power Edition packed a lot of performance in a small, energy efficient package. Being factory overclocked to 1.1GHz is an amazing feat for any card! There was still headroom beyond the factory overclock of 1100/1125MHz core and memory to 1183/1450MHz fully stable. Power consumption was minimal – the whole system drew up to180W at load. Temperatures with both fans installed rivaled the best competition while operating quietly when they were left on automatic control. One of these can provide a decent gaming experience while costing less than $150. Two of these in CrossFireX would still cost substantially less than a 7950 with the possibility of similar performance in games that respond to CrossFireX. The chart results look one sided because current offerings are mostly high-end components while this is obviously a mid-range graphics card.

The only fallback that I encountered with this product is that the thermal paste wasn't applied very well and the thermal tape didn't reach all components. This is not too uncommon for graphics cards and temperatures were still great anyway. Also the MSI Afterburner application currently was unable to unlock the Triple-Overvoltage capabilities that MSI claims the card is capable of. Had this been possible higher overclocking could of occurred!

This card is an inexpensive solution for gamers on a budget that want good video settings, not maxed settings mind you. The adjustable cooling solution means that almost anyone could custom tailor this card to fit their system. With the new architectural design, power consumption is considerably low without sacrificing computing power and gaming capabilities. The price is low enough that people have the flexibility to start with one card and then add another later on for even more performance depending on the game. This is a very impressive offering that should be considered by any budget gamer.



  • Customizable cooling solution
  • High factory core clock 1100MHz
  • Great operating temperatures and power consumption
  • Overclocking headroom
  • High mid-range gaming performance
  • Dust Removal Technology



  • Triple-Overvoltage in MSI Afterburner didn't work
  • Heat sink doesn't contact all power components


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