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Mouse Bungee

Price: $16.95


This unique looking device is called a Mouse Bungee. It's suppose to provide drag-free, snag-free, and virtually cord-free mousing. I have always handled my mouse cord by stacking one thing or another onto it. Sooner or later it comes loose and I repeat the procedure using a paper weight or something. For the everyday computer user the Mouse Bungee might not be used to it's full potential, but to gamers and those that need precise mouse control, reducing the mouse cords drag is crucial. Eliminating the tension from the drag, helps make using your mouse much easier. How many times have you had your cord cause just a 1/10th of a second of delay in you turning around to frag your best buddy? I know it's happened to me countless numbers of times, but that's where the Mouse Bungee comes in to save the day. Looking at the Mouse Bungee you would think the springs would hinder the ability to move the mouse. After testing I found that the springs had just the right amount of tension. Not so strong that it would be stiff and make my mouse movement awkward, but strong enough to hold the mouse cord up. As you can see in the picture, the Mouse Bungee has three rubber feet to keep itself in place. It also has a rather large and heavy metal ball in the base to give it stability.

  • Dual Spring Guide Mouse Cord Clip
  • Textured Surface
  • Solid Ballast
  • Non-Scuff Feet
  • Colors available in: White, Black, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime, GIGANTA Blue, & Grape

    Does it work?
  • In a word, yes. I'm not sure if you would call this an installation or not but this is how you set it up. You first squeeze apart the two cord clip fins, and insert the cord. Then you adjust the cord length for comfort and control, usually 6 - 12inches (between mouse and bungee). I found that 10inch is about right for me. Next, press the cord into the cord locking grips on the back. The last thing that you should do is find a place that the Mouse Bungee will rest. It works great at the same level as the mouse, but I did not have enough room for it, because of the design of my desk (My desk has a pull-out keyboard tray). So, I placed the mouse bungee ontop of my desk, which is 3inches above my keyboard tray (and mouse). The basic concept behind the Mouse Bungee is pretty simple. It lifts your mouse cord off the desk and allows for un-restricted movement while gaming. I tested the Mouse Bungee for a couple hours by, playing counter strike, Q3, and browsing the net. The Mouse Bungee is crafted quite well and does its job as advertised. However, once I removed the Mouse Bungee from my mouse cord I found that it bent and scratched my mouse cord up a little. This may or may not be a big deal to you. If you have a 60+ dollar mouse, it might be something you should consider before buying one of these. Other then that, the Mouse Bungee is an exceptional product!

    If you are on a "must have" only budget then it may not be for you, but if you are in the market to pick up something to improve the overall use of your mouse as well as your gaming ability, pick one up, it's well worth the small change it costs!


    • No more mouse cord snags
    • Does what it's suppose to do
    • Available in different colors

    • Small scratches left on cord once uninstalled

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