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AntLion ModMic Review



In the end, I was definitely surprised by this simple little addition to my headphones. It was nice to be able to use my favorite headphones for a change while playing games. They finally have their old place back on my desk where they used to sit, rather than in the closet just because I couldn't talk in-game with them before. After thinking about the price a bit, although I still see it as a con, it really sounds a lot better than most headsets you can get for that price. Plus, you get to use the likely more expensive headphones you already have. It really depends on what you already have. If you don't have favorite headphones and you don't care about sound quality for your friends on the other end, or on your end for that matter, then a cheaper headset is right for you. However, if you like your headphones because they sound great, but just need a mic, this mic beats out a lot of costly headsets. If you want to pick your headphones based on sound quality (because we all know many "gaming headsets" lack real fidelity), but still want to talk with your friends, then this ModMic is the way to go!

It truly is a pretty neat find. I won't think about ant farms and tubes of ants the next time I see the AntLion logo. The only true downside to this simple heaphone modification was the cord and what to do with it. Like I mentioned before, the cable is just awkward to deal with. It's long, which is nice because you don't have to sit on top of your computer case to use them, but you also have some cable to deal with. The Velcro wrap is odd and just adds a cable weight hanging from your head while you play. My best solution was to just let all the cables hang and deal with the tangles later. For a more permanent solution, maybe some zip ties or some kind of case cable management system could be used, but as a removable system, you'll probably just have to deal with either added weight or tangles…but this is still an awesome mic option overall.



  • Great audio sound transmission
  • Small, easy to store and travel with
  • Long cable to match long headphone cables



  • Long cable hard to not get tangled up
  • No mic filter leading to sound pickup of EVERYTHING


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