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AntLion ModMic Review



Testing this ModMic, being the only one of its kind on the market, left if with little to compare it to. However, the important part of it being a mic was what was tested. I used it for my usual gaming to talk to friends while playing Borderlands and L4D2 in the past week. I also tested it out while Skyping a good friend of mine in Atlanta. Since it's not really a headset, I had no need to tell you how good my headphones sound (and with as old as they are, you probably wouldn't find a pair anyway, even though they sound GREAT!). So below, I've commented a bit on the clarity of the mic compared to my usual Turtle Beach headset I use for gaming.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Mic:

  • Turtle Beach HPA2 headset mic



I really cannot justify sticking numbers in comparing this stick-on microphone to another microphone from a headset. Not only would they be somewhat meaningless, but overall the two compared near identical. The clarity of the mic was the same, the ease of use was the same…it just worked like any other mic you would have around. The only real difference between my Turtle Beach headset and the stick-on AntLion ModMic was the fact that the ModMic didn't have a foam filter of the mic itself. This lead to a little more noise pickup from my mechanical keyboard and breathing. In general, it sounded better than most standard microphones people use on the Internet today. It just picked a little of the extra noises, high frequencies, and key clacking. You could always mod your ModMic and add your own foam from another mic as well. Overall, I was genuinely impressed with the mic — all I wished it had included was a foam filter to keep ambient noises at bay.

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