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Mirror's Edge - 4 Years Later Review



Mirror's Edge is a somewhat unusual game. Officially it is an action adventure game, but the action is running and parkour, not taking cover and making headshots, like many other games of that genre. This uniqueness makes recommending it a little more complicated than most other games. The experience itself is different to the point of being refreshing, in a sense, but without escaping intense gameplay. However it is also different enough that I am not sure if everyone interested in action adventure games will enjoy it. The game is still of high quality, though with some flaws, so play it if you have it, but if you do not own it yet, you may want to ask yourself how much a new experience is worth to you. With the Humble Origin Bundle going on now, you can pay that much and enjoy a fun game.








  1. Mirror's Edge - Introduction
  2. Mirror's Edge - Graphics
  3. Mirror's Edge - Story
  4. Mirror's Edge - Gameplay
  5. Mirror's Edge - Additional Gameplay Images
  6. Mirror's Edge - Conclusion
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