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Mirror's Edge - 4 Years Later Review



When you see a game set in a city filled almost exclusively with white buildings, you can interpret that as the game's artistic style or as an indication that the city is under a totalitarian regime, forcing such conformity. I am certain the former is true for Mirror's Edge, and I strongly suspect the latter is as well (should be if it is not).

Indeed the setting of Mirror's Edge is a heavily restricted and monitored city with totalitarian leaders. It is this climate-of-control that has created the 'runners;' people who run messages across the city's buildings for people who are concerned about the city monitoring their communication. Naturally this puts Faith and her parkouring partners outside of the law, which is useful in the sense that the police cannot chase after you very easily. Before long though, you find that your enemies are more than just the police, as the conspirators that are attempting to frame your sister for murder prefer to trust a private security firm.

Your most important ally is Mercury or Merc, who is in almost constant communication with you. He organizes the group of runners you are in, getting them jobs, and occasionally calling them in to help one another out. You will also meet Celeste and Jackknife, runners too that can help you out of some situations and provide you with useful information.

Overall the story is surprisingly complex for such a linear game. Character interaction is not always that involved, but the twists and turns of the plot are intriguing. The focus is on you and your efforts to save your sister, not much more, and it works. It is an action game story, and a pretty good one at that. There may be some questions left unanswered, but your goal is not to answer them; it is to save your sister.







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