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Mirror's Edge - 4 Years Later Review

Price: $19.99


When a new intellectual property (IP) is released, you will typically see one of three things happen to it: it will succeed; it will fail; or it will survive to become a cult classic. The latter has occurred with Mirror's Edge. Given its somewhat unique gameplay, which focuses mostly on running and leaping instead of combat, this outcome is not completely surprising. Four years after it was released, EA has officially announced another game in the franchise at E3, and at the time of my writing this, Mirror's Edge is also part of the Humble Origin Bundle, allowing you to pay what you want for a copy on Steam and Origin.

Mirror's Edge is a first-person, action-adventure title where you play as Faith, a runner. As a runner, you are tasked with delivering messages between people who desire more secure communications than the city and its totalitarian leadership can offer. However, shortly after the game begins you discover your sister has been caught in a conspiracy and is being blamed for a murder she did not commit. Naturally you put your runner-talents to work to fully uncover the conspiracy and free your sister.

With another game in development and a great sale, should you have some 'Faith,' or parkour away?






  1. Mirror's Edge - Introduction
  2. Mirror's Edge - Graphics
  3. Mirror's Edge - Story
  4. Mirror's Edge - Gameplay
  5. Mirror's Edge - Additional Gameplay Images
  6. Mirror's Edge - Conclusion
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