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Mini Copper ORB


Today I'm going to do a review on the ThermalTake Mini Copper ORB. The Mini Copper ORB looks really cool, but does it actually cool? We are going to find that out today. The Super ORB and Chrome ORB failed to fit on many of the motherboards on the market especially the KT7 series. The Mini Copper ORB I'm reviewing was designed to fit on the KT7 series and other motherboards that the Chrome and Super Orb did not fit.

The Mini Copper Orb comes with a small pack of thermal grease for those of us that don't have any Arctic Silver II. The fan that comes with this heatsink looks small, but don't under estimate it. I found that this little fan does very well, and isn't loud. The fan is a 3pin design, meaning you can plug it into your motherboard and you can monitor the RPM of the fan. Why would I want to do that? Well you can use a program like Motherboard Monitor (Can be found under our downloads) to monitor the RPM and if the RPM drops to low or drop to zero, you can have Motherboard Monitor shutdown your computer before your CPU fries.

It took longer than usually to install this enormous hsf. You need to be extra carefull if you are a KT7 series owner because you can break the capacitor's beside the socket on your motherboard. You may have to slightly bend capacitor's so that you can install the HSF as I had to do. When push the clip down you can feel this enormous Heatsink baring down on your cpu. I was actullay scared to put as much weight as I needed, to install it. ThermalTake has designed the clip so that you can fit a flat head screw driver on it, which helps the installing process. Once you get the Mini Copper ORB installed I think it's ment to stay. Uninstalling this Mini Copper ORB took me longer than expected. I'm not sure if it was the technique that I used or what. There are no instructions on uninstalling the HSF. The only instructions included is what's on the box, which is the installing process. The box of the Mini Copper ORB states that you can place this ORB on a cpu up to 1.5Ghz. I will be testing this on my 900Mhz Duron at default clock speed and voltage.


  • Rated Voltage: 12v
  • Started Voltage: 7v
  • Rated Current: 0.26A(Max)
  • Power Input: 3.12W
  • Power Connector: 3pin
  • Fan Speed: 5500RPM
  • Air Pressure: 6.9mm-H2O
  • Max Air Flow: 23.1CFM
  • Noise: 29dBa
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Thermal Resistance: Ca=0.52 c/w
  • Base Material: Pure Copper
  • Life Time: 50,000 Hours

    I'm going to compare the Mini Copper ORB against the Volcano II.
    To test the temperatures, we brought the CPU to absolute full load by running the Prime95 Tests for about a half hour while running [email protected] in the background.
    The system specs are:

  • 900mhz Duron
  • KT7-RAID
  • Voodoo3
  • 256MB PC133
  • Artic Silver II thermal compound
  • Western Digital ATA100 20GB 7200 rpm


    The mini copper orb is a heatsink that I plan to donate to WarZoneGames lan party. While it is a pretty good heatsink, there are better ones like the Volcano II.

    • Looks really cool
    • Gets the job done
    • Solid copper base!
    • Up to 1.5Ghz cpu

    • Very heavy
    • Almost won't fit on a KT7A-RAID (must slightly bend capacitor's)
    • Hard to uninstall

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