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Metro Redux Review



Have the Redux versions done things right, or is it best to stick with the originals? Without a doubt the Redux versions of both games contain valuable enhancements that improve the experiences. Metro 2033 Redux contains the greater number of improvements to both graphics and gameplay, making the experience more modern and more enjoyable. Metro: Last Light Redux is closer to the original title, but is still a better title, if only for the addition of the Survival play style. Both Redux versions are easy recommendations for anyone looking for some of the best linear, action FPS games available today.

The question for some of you is not if these are good games, but if they are worth purchasing if you already own the originals. In the case of Metro 2033 Redux I must say yes and recommend owning it and the original. The changes are significant enough and improve the experience enough that I doubt you will consider it a waste. (Unless you did not like the original for reasons the Redux does not address, of course.) Metro: Last Light Redux is more of a toss-up, however. It is a better package than the original, but it is not so significantly better that I can say you should purchase it as a general recommendation. You will have to decide that for yourself, and I can only hope this review will help you in making that decision.








  1. Metro Redux Review - Introduction
  2. Metro Redux Review - Graphics
  3. Metro Redux Review - Gameplay
  4. Metro 2033 Redux Additional Gameplay Media
  5. Metro: Last Light Redux Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Metro Redux Review - Conclusion
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