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Metro Redux Review

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The Metro franchise is considered by many to be one of the better first-person-shooter, action franchises of recent memory, and if you read the Metro 2033 4-Years Later Review and Metro: Last Light Review, you will know that I agree with that, having recommended both games.

Why are we looking at the Metro franchise again though, if both games have already been reviewed? As stated in the beginning of the Metro 2033 review, publisher Deep Silver announced that new Redux versions of both titles were to be released. As these Redux versions promised to contain numerous tweaks and enhancements, especially for the older title, I felt it would be best to return to the metro once (twice?) more to review both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux.

As both titles have already been reviewed and the changes to them are more of a technical and mechanical nature, this review is going to leave out the Story section. You can check out the previous reviews for details on that. Also because the two Redux games now share much in terms of graphics and gameplay, they are being reviewed together in this one article. Basically if something is true for one, it is true for the other, so why repeat myself with two reviews?

Both games have received Mature ratings from the ESRB for strong language, use of drugs and alcohol, intense violence, blood, sexual content, and nudity. Most of these are completely unavoidable, so the titles have definitely earned their ratings. As none of the screenshots or videos in this review have been censored, if the games would not be appropriate for you, neither will be this review.

With all of that covered, time to see if the Redux versions get things right and do the franchise proud or if the update falters. Also, as I am sure some of you are wondering, we will consider if it is worth getting the Redux versions if you already have the original games.




  1. Metro Redux Review - Introduction
  2. Metro Redux Review - Graphics
  3. Metro Redux Review - Gameplay
  4. Metro 2033 Redux Additional Gameplay Media
  5. Metro: Last Light Redux Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Metro Redux Review - Conclusion
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