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Metro: Last Light Review


Metro: Last Light - Conclusion:

Does Metro: Last Light lead you to a better place, or is it best to remain in the dark about this title? Go towards the light. This game is definitely a strong, campaign-focused, survival-horror FPS that looks great, plays well, sounds good, and is just enjoyable. There is not a single complaint or serious criticism I could make about this title.

Of course, that is my opinion of it relative to all FPS titles. What about the nearest to it; Metro 2033? How does it compare to its predecessor? I would say they come out about equal, as far as overall quality and experience. As discussed in the story section, 2033 and Last Light have a different mechanic to their stories, as the earlier title drives you through the world, and this one places you in it. This causes some aspects in one to be better than in the other, so without taking these differences into consideration, you cannot fairly compare these two titles to each other. When you do though, you find two very well made games that serve themselves and their franchise very well.

If you have any interest in Last Light, I see no reason why you should not get it.




  1. Metro: Last Light - Introduction
  2. Metro: Last Light - Graphics
  3. Metro: Last Light - Graphics Continued & Sound
  4. Metro: Last Light - Story (95% spoiler free)
  5. Metro: Last Light - Gameplay
  6. Metro: Last Light - Additional Gameplay Images
  7. Metro: Last Light - Conclusion
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