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Metro: Last Light Review


Metro: Last Light - Introduction:

Back in 2010, the Dmitry Glukhovsky novel-inspired game, Metro 2033, was released to positive reviews and soon developed a fan base, thanks to its atmospheric graphics and intriguing story. You played as Artyom, a Russian born shortly before a nuclear holocaust drove the survivors of Moscow to their underground metro stations and tunnels. There humanity survives, barely, as mutated creatures attack the underground colonies and separate factions attempt to conquer what colonies eke out an existence. The most lethal of these threats though are the Dark Ones. These are beings with telepathic powers and almost everyone who come near them are driven insane and ultimately die because of it. You however are immune to this, but still suffer hallucinations when near them.

For the past three years, many have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to the original game, which has finally arrived as Metro: Last Light. Unlike its predecessor though, it is not directly based on the any specific novel of Glukhovsky's, though it has been reported that he worked with the game's developers. Also, in the credits the novels Metro 2033 and Metro 2035 are listed as having inspired this game. (Interestingly not Metro 2034, which was at one point the title for this game.)

Both games are first person shooter, survival horror games, which pit you against difficult enemies, scarce supplies, and an unforgiving environment. There is also some role playing to the games as decisions impact progression and you unlock better weapons as you progress. In the first game the decisions led you to either destroy or spare the Dark Ones, which, it turned out, had been attempting to communicate with humanity for some time, but only your mind was able to handle it.

Does Metro: Last Light outshine the earlier title, or does it burn out, leaving an unwanted cinder?

  1. Metro: Last Light - Introduction
  2. Metro: Last Light - Graphics
  3. Metro: Last Light - Graphics Continued & Sound
  4. Metro: Last Light - Story (95% spoiler free)
  5. Metro: Last Light - Gameplay
  6. Metro: Last Light - Additional Gameplay Images
  7. Metro: Last Light - Conclusion
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