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Metro 2033 4-Years Later Review



Should we return to the metros to deal with the threats of the Dark Ones? I believe so. Metro 2033 is simply a well-made and enjoyable experience with many things going for it. The story is strong and the gameplay is definitely fun and has depth without overwhelming you with the survival aspects.

Its biggest problem is its performance on modern hardware. As it is now, one would expect near perfect performance on a computer with current hardware, but alas this is not the case. This does not make it unplayable except by a stretch, but it cannot be ignored and does affect the experience. If you can forgive that, which honestly should not be too difficult to do, then there almost no reason to not play this game. Gamers looking for a good survival FPS with a good story should definitely invest their time into this. With the Redux version, I only expect it to be better.







  1. Metro 2033 Review - Introduction
  2. Metro 2033 Review - Graphics
  3. Metro 2033 Review - Story
  4. Metro 2033 Review - Gameplay
  5. Metro 2033 Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Metro 2033 Review - Conclusion
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