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Metro 2033 4-Years Later Review

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'The best laid plans of mice and men, oft go awry.' I keep on my computer a list of games to review. Some of the games are upcoming titles and others would be reviewed as a Years-Later Review. Metro 2033 was one of the games on that list from the beginning, but with it being one of the older games, I got some lee-way for when I pick it up again. But then Deep Silver announced the Redux versions of both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. That shakes things up some, as the Redux versions of both games will have multiple tweaks to the originals, and neither have specific release dates. So should I review the original Metro 2033 ahead of the Redux release, or wait and review that? The plan I chose is to do both; review the original Metro 2033 and then when the Redux of both games releases, I will review those, likely together. As the changes in the Redux version should not drastically affect gameplay, this review should still be informative when the new version is released. With that explained, time to get on with the introduction.

Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic, survival, horror, FPS based on a Russian novel of the same name. It takes place largely in the metro tunnels and stations under Moscow, where Artyom, the playable character, was raised. The only way to return to the surface is with a gas mask as the air of the wasteland is toxic. One should also take a weapon with them, because the new species and mutants that dominate the surface only like humans for about as much meat as is on their bones. Even with threats all around and through the metros, a new one has emerged and has led you to leave your home station to seek help before it is too late.

The game has an M rating from the ESRB for violence, blood, strong language, sexual themes, and use of the drugs. The last two on the list can actually be missed during a playthrough, but are present. The first three though are everywhere and easily earned the game this rating. As none of the screenshots or videos have been censored, this review may not be appropriate for everyone to read. If the game's content would be inappropriate for you, then this review likely is as well.

Now that we have covered that, time to find out if we should return to the metro or let the survivors face their fates alone.


  1. Metro 2033 Review - Introduction
  2. Metro 2033 Review - Graphics
  3. Metro 2033 Review - Story
  4. Metro 2033 Review - Gameplay
  5. Metro 2033 Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Metro 2033 Review - Conclusion
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