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Memonex Race R310 16GB Flash Drive Review



The Memonex Race R310 16GB flash drive proved to be (albeit just barely) above the average flash drive in quality and performance. Holding it in your hand, the Race R310 feels solid and looks very sharp also. In the performance field, it doesn’t skimp. The synthetic benchmarks put the drive just above average in speed. It was in the real world transfers however that the R310 really shone. The drive came in second or third to high end flash drives, putting its performance pretty high.

It wasn’t all perfect however. The write speeds typically seen on the synthetic benchmarks were definitely less than desirable but, the main issues were with its physical design and package. The first problem is that it has a completely detachable cap. It's not an exaggeration to say that most people lose their detachable caps, so it is unfortunate to see one here. The second is that no lanyard was included despite it having a small loop for one. This is pretty standard fare in a flash drive package so it was kind of disappointing not to see one here.

Overall the Memonex Race R310 proved to be a decent mid-range flash drive. Unfortunately, it's not yet carried by any retailers and no MSRP is shown, so I’m not quite sure how good of a value it would be. It has a cool design and great real world performance, but some benchmarks and physical oversights keep it from being perfect. So, instead I’ll say that the Memonex Race R310 would be a good deal if it had a mid-range price to match its overall package.



  • Real world File Transfers
  • Great Build Quality
  • Sleek Appearance



  • Write Speed is slightly lacking
  • Detachable cap, easily lost


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  2. Specifications
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  6. Testing: Custom Files
  7. Conclusion
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