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Memonex Top Series PC3 10666 2x2GB Review



Overall, the Memonex modules gave the lowest scores of the group at the default 1333MHz clock speeds it is rated for. This, you have to expect. When the clock speeds are moved up to those of the comparison modules, the TOP series modules respond with performance that is similar across the board. The gaming test showed that it still falls slightly behind the the other modules, but at 150+FPS, will that small difference matter? I think not. These modules are rated for operation at 1333MHz using 1.5 volts. The low voltage had me hoping for some massive clocks or at least running tighter timings than the stock 8-8-8-15 timings, but CAS 8 was it. Increased voltage or loosening the sub timings did not get me any tighter than CAS 8 at 1333MHz. While that was a disappointment, the modules did have some decent headroom for overclocking and reached 1660MHz with 1.65 volts. This 327MHz increase amounts to an almost 25% bump in clock speed that shows up as about a 20% hike in synthetic benchmark scores. That is a solid increase from any set of modules.

The modules have a unique look that separates them from the crowd. The raised letter X offers increased surface area for cooling to keep the TOP modules cool even when running at 1.5 volts. At the time of this article, I could not find these modules for sale in the US, so availability of this set of modules stateside is a problem. That being said, the pricing on these modules should be comparable to other modules in its class. The Memonex TOP modules offer solid performance and good looks with a low voltage requirement. As long as pricing is low, this set of modules should offer some value and allow you to get to a 200 bclock on a core series Intel processor.



  • Low voltage operation
  • Look good
  • Solid at rated speeds and voltages
  • Overclocking headroom



  • Cannot tighten timings at rated speeds


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  2. Specifications & Features
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  6. Conclusion
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