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Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE External Multi-Display Adaptor Review



The Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE is the display adaptor you have been looking for but never found. The image quality for such a small adaptor is superb — it never looked washed out or faded as you can see from the introductory photos for this review. I just cannot say enough about the quality; it is simply one of those things you need to see firsthand to appreciate. I have used a number of external monitor adaptors ranging from VGA to DVI and even HDMI, and this has to be the best looking one I have used to date. The full digital input and output is what drives the adaptor, so I am not surprised that the quality is superior to some of the cheaper brands out there. The setup is very simple and is almost plug and play once the driver is installed. There is very little setup needed to get up and running out of the box. The DualHead2Go adaptor is small and lightweight making it very easy to tote around to different locations or to tuck away for sign use, etc. With the wide number of uses that the Matrox DualHead2Go offers, it is nice to be able to take it with you or mount it out of the way if needed.

There are only two drawbacks I experienced during the review process, with one being the driver installation method. Downloading current drivers to ensure the software is compatible is not an issue for most people, but some computers may not be connected to the internet at the time of setup. Secondly, many laptops and graphics cards do not have full size DisplayPorts, but rather include Mini DisplayPort outputs. For this reason, it would have made sense to include a Mini DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort adaptor in the box to eliminate the need for additional hardware to run the DualHead2Go, which is already expensive enough. As I mentioned, these shortcomings are not deal-breakers but would be nice to see resolved in future revisions. All in all, the DualHead2Go is an amazing display adaptor and makes a great tool for your visual needs.



  • Excellent image quality
  • Full digital display adaptor
  • Quick and painless setup
  • Small and portable
  • Powered by computer USB cable
  • Wide variety of uses
  • Multiple displays in different arrangements



  • No Mini DisplayPort adaptor
  • Have to download drivers from online, none included on CD
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