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Mad Max Review



Even though I just ended the Gameplay section talking about how repetitious Mad Max is, which for some is a serious problem, I am still going to recommend it, because, like I also just said, it is fun. That is the point, for the game to be fun to play. That same repetition also makes it possible to try out new strategies, because you know you have progressed enough to take those chances.

In addition to being fun, the graphics and performance are also impressive. It looks very good and plays very well. The story is nothing special to me, but it does not fail at anything. Also, someone more familiar with the movie franchise might get more out of the story than me. At the end of the day, Mad Max has some quirks, does very little wrong, and does enough right to be enjoyable, entertaining, and fun. One thing I will say that could make it even better is some form of New Game+, or other means of resetting some aspects. I would love the opportunity to try some things again with my current equipment to see what crazy stuff I can do.


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