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Luxa2 EnerG Slim 10,000mAh Power Bank Review


Luxa2 EnerG Slim 10,000mAh Power Bank: Conclusion

The Luxa2 EnerG Silm 10,000mAh Power Bank is a great gadget with a solid construction and build. These power banks are often hard to review in such a short amount of time. While working on other reviews, I was able to travel with it and use it daily to grasp the feel of everyday use. While this is more of an extreme for some, it's hard to predict what the average user will use it for. I am on my phone half the day and found times where I was away from a power outlet for 12 hours while at my day job. That being said, Luxa2 does a great job of providing devices that fills the gap between unwanted downtime. I was able to charge my phone and other devices in just the same amount of time from a outlet, and while it was in my pocket! Combine that with a half life of 1,000 cycles, this power bank will outlive it's warranty as it's simply not possible to get that many charges out of it, even if used everyday. Many brands I've come across provided very limited warranties, leaving you to wonder if it will hold a charge the next day.

The complaints are overall very minor, but confusing at the same time. I briefly covered this before, so let me recap. While i'm not an electrical engineer, it's obvious that with a battery of 2,800mAh, it divides into 10,000 more than 2.3 times advertised on the box. Even with a 10% loss in conversion rate, it still is above three times. Yet when I charged tested the power bank, my total count was around 2.5 times. It seems either I'm missing something, the conversion loss is greater than 10%, or the battery really isn't 10,000mAh. Luxa2 even lists on the box that the iPad air with a 8,800mAh battery will only charge 76%. Someone, somewhere has things mixed up and it could be me. In any case, am happy that it charges my phone the amounted of times listed, but it worries me people will simply look at the total number the power bank provides. From a marketing standpoint, the more is explained the less people understand. Most consumers just want to see the final number rather than explain how they got to it.

Prior to writing this review, I never used one of these, yet it's secretly something I've been needing for years. I know a few people who would enjoy this as a gift. Whether it's an long road trip or an outdoor adventure, having something like the Luxa2 EngerG Silm is a must, especially since we are all connected in the digital media age.


  • Sleek Design
  • 2,500 Cycle Half Life
  • Lightweight
  • Dual Charging Ports
  • Good Compatibility
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Auto Power Off


  • Total mAh does not add up
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