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The New Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse



    Overall, I’ve been really impressed with this mouse. From its great looks to its jaw-dropping performance, this mouse ousts my old MX518 without any questions. I’ve been thinking for almost five minutes about a possible con and I honestly cannot think of a single one. The mouse feels great too, almost like very fine sand paper. I like that because it allows me to get more grip, while still being very comfortable.  The tilt wheel is so much better than the standard scroll wheel in the sense that it gives you more freedom while browsing websites, making Excel spreadsheets, working in Photoshop, and more.  Even the smallest advantage a gamer can get is extremely valuable; that's another reason why I like this mouse. It's more efficient than the old G5 and it performs much better than all the mice that I've ever owned.  Logitech has impressed me yet again with another fine laser mouse. The weights are awesome because it allows you to really make the mouse feel the exact way you want it to. I’ve never used weights for a mouse like that before, but I can say now that I’ll never go back. If you buy this mouse, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Customization
  • Colors
  • DPI meter
  • Tilting scroll wheel
  • Button Layout


  • None


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