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The New Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse


Closer Look:

On my old Logitech MX518, the sensitivity buttons are located on either side of the scroll wheel, and that was always a pain. This G5’s sensitivity buttons are together under the scroll wheel, which makes them easier to access. It’ll be interesting to see how the dpi meter lights up.


I’ve never owned a mouse with a removable weight tray, but it’s a great idea because everyone’s style and preferences are different. There are two different weights included in the 16 piece weight set. Half of the weights are 4.5 grams each and the other half are 1.7 grams each.

The G5 connects with this USB connector. The casing of the cord feels like mesh, unlike the MX518, which feels like rubber. I measured the cable of the mouse and it comes out to be six feet and six inches (2 meters). Longer cables are great for me because my computer is on the other side of my desk.

As always, it’s a good idea to read the instructions before you mess something up. I’ve used Set Point with my MX518 and it wasn’t a bad program. This version (3.3a) is much newer than the one I have for the MX518 (2.3). Before I continue, I want to show you my MX518 side-by-side with this G5.


The following is what the G5 features but the MX518 doesn’t; tilt scroll wheel, sensitivity location, bigger mouse feet, color, dpi meter, and 400 dpi higher maximum (2000dpi compared to 1600dpi) to name a few. What makes the G5 even better than the MX518 is that both mice are the exact same size.



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  5. Testing
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