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Logitech G15 Gaming LCD Keyboard

Price: $69.99 USD

I knew this review might not be the most favorable when I found myself reaching for my old keyboard to write the review itself. Sure the Logitech is billed as a gaming keyboard but I should not be shelving it in favor of my original at the price it costs. The G15 gaming keyboard boasts a folding LCD screen, backlit keys and an array of programmable buttons intended to help you blast through your favorite games with ease.

Closer Look
While the build quality is quite good, the overall feel of the keyboard is surprisingly stagnant. The size of the device coupled with its thin vertical build makes it kind of flexible when the two feet are used. When lying flat the keyboard feels exactly that, flat. The quiet keys feel lifeless as opposed to crisp and they don’t really differ from a standard office keyboard whatsoever.

The spacebar is standard size as are all of the keys. A mute button and a gaming mode button are also present on the top of the keyboard. While mute is self-explanatory, the gaming mode button is a bit of a question mark. It is questionable in the way it does so little. You would think a quick press of the gaming mode button brings the keyboard to life perhaps lessening the buyer’s remorse you may be experiencing by this point but no, the button simply turns off the windows button. That is it.

The bizarre handle-like styling accents on the top corners are completely useless. They look as if they should be handles so you can carry the keyboard off to a LAN party or something yet nobody in my household could get their fingers even halfway through the holes. I’ve yet to figure out what they are for aside from collecting dirt. One feature I am very fond of is the presence of two USB ports on the front of the G15. I used these when sitting with the G15 in front of my projector and was able to have the mouse attached avoiding the use of extension cables beyond the keyboard.

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