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Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

In conclusion the Logitech G700s is quite the mouse as far as wireless gaming mice go. Not only is it wireless, but it also has a rechargeable battery (also replaceable: Eneloop) that can be charged while using the mouse. It is rare that you are able to keep going without either replacing a battery, charging a battery, or at least swapping a charged battery into a wireless mouse. I experience this sadness on the go with my little laptop mouse. Once it's dead, if I'm lucky to have a battery I have to find it, plug it in, and then try to remember what I was doing. The G700s saves a step of that process in the fact that I can leave the cable plugged in (so I know where it is) and just reach down and connect my mouse. It takes little effort and my mouse works again, while simultaneously charging the battery too – I don't have to remember much.

Okay so that's really not enough for the mouse to really win; so what, it can charge a battery and keep working. Well guess what, my mouse with a wired cable works just the same… no reason to stop ever, really. So what else does this mouse have to offer up? Well it does have some extra buttons to play with. You get a couple more besides your typical forward and back for your thumb and a few for your pointer finger to handle. There is pretty neat and simple software to come along with it all, and who doesn't love a free flying scroll wheel?

However, I found it hard to find this mouse to have things exceptional enough to warrant its price. That was the one looming fact that sat above me every time I used it – I have nearly a hundred bucks in my hand right now. I kept thinking about what I could get with at least half of the price and still had a decent wired mouse underneath my fingertips. What it really came down to for me personally was the fact that I have no desire for a wireless gaming mouse; with that being its only true "feature" from other mice on the market it wasn't a home run with me. The cable to charge was aggravating at best and left me wishing to let the mouse charge on its own and come back later to use it again. The lackluster battery life, especially after using the G602, found me having to plug it in quite frequently – every other day with good use. The G602 may have two batteries, but I'll take the added weight for over a weeks' worth of play.

I found it to be a good concept, but found it not so neat in practice. Perhaps if/when the market becomes more toward wireless gaming mice it will catch up, but even then the price will have to come down a bit to get me to bite. With that said, it's time to charge again.



  • Charging cable allows you to keep playing! Charges while in use
  • Wireless, lets you have no strings attached
  • Logitech software is great – easy to use and quick to install
  • Extra buttons besides the norm are great for macros



  • Charging cable is a bit stiff and awkward to use
  • Battery life is abysmal (maybe 8-10 hours for constant use)
  • Price hurts a little
  • Wireless is about its only true unique feature
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