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Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

In case you haven't caught any of the last Logitech reviews here on OCC I'll go ahead and point out that Logitech is kind and especially has one driver for all. Whether you have the G700s, G602 or the G600, you will have the same software install. It picks up on what you plug in and bases its functions and images around that. Makes for a slightly larger install, but not enough to fuss over and makes thing super easy.

Anyway, with that being said, opening up the first page of the software you will see the G700s right in front of you. It may make you double take and look beneath your hand a couple times, but it does indeed match the mouse. This makes it a lot easier when trying to place macros as you don't have to look at where G11 is to figure out where the assigned function is going. On this menu you can select the On-Board Memory option for setting profiles directly on the mouse itself, or Automatic Game Detection for local profiles based on installed games. You may also notice in the top left a battery indicator for how much juice the mouse has left. This is the best indication you can get from the mouse as the on-mouse display is only in 33% values. I managed to actually kill this during a few days of being left on – you can note the change in indicators on the next few images; I end up having to use it plugged in!


















With Automatic Game Detection enabled, clicking on the mouse to open the panel for button assignments looks like the image below. Had you selected the onboard profiles you would not have game profiles already associated at the top: slight difference, same concept. Here is where you are able to set each button of the mouse as you see fit, for either games, programs, or anything else you like. If you wanted to be clever you could even set the left click to be right click and vice versa on a specific profile just to mess with people who try to use your rig. But that's just for fun. Being able to set different profiles really lets you configure a mouse to your game playing style, allowing you to have different setups for different games (which I find to be very helpful).

Moving to the next set of options, by clicking on the cursor with the settings gear next to it, gets you to the Pointer Settings. Here you can play with DPI levels: how many you want, what levels for each; Report Rates (125 all the way up to 1000Hz); and Advanced settings (per profile settings, separate X and Y DPI values, and pointer acceleration). You can even select a power mode, besides normal, enabling full-bore mode or the battery saving option.



The final images of the software I have to share with you are shots of the Settings menu, which is triggered by clicking on the big gear (which we've all been trained to mean settings). There are four tabs available: General, Notification, G700s, and Profile. The first tab allows you to set, like it says, general settings such as running software on start, macro recording display, illumination (more for other mice), and the toggle for allowing the software to scan for new games; pretty simple stuff. The next tab has a single option – to enable/disable battery indicators on the taskbar so that you notice your mouse battery is low before it dies. I recommend turning this on. The G700s tab isn't a picture of the mouse, rather is the option to update firmware as it becomes available. It also provides you with information on what current version you are running. Last but not least is the profile tab, which I'm sure you've guessed, lets you change some profile settings such as setting a hot key to cycle profiles, have a persistent profile or default profile for worst case scenarios.



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