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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

Ultimately the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse did impress me. I'm usually not a fan of wireless mice due to the need to feed them their never-ending supply of power via batteries. However, this mouse lasted longer than I thought it would on its first set of batteries. I can't give you an exact time, but longer than my typical laptop wireless mice seem to last. Not having the cable dragging along the others behind my desk, which I admit are quite the mess, was amazing. No drag, nothing to get caught on; it was just simple and smooth mouse movement.

The six buttons on the side of the mouse weren't my thing. I didn't enjoy having the extra buttons as they all felt the same to my thumb. My only distinction was top to bottom. I eventually just set forward and back for browser purposes and left it at that. I ended up taking back buttons to the keyboard in games just for simplicity.

The cost of the mouse is also a bit of the ways up there. With a slight discount with Amazon showing $63.57 I'm still second guessing to recommend someone to go out and buy this mouse. I feel there is still a market out there for wireless gaming mice, as on the go – what could be better; but without a place to store the dongle, like most modern low level wireless mice, it's hard to love this one. On the go I just know that tiny dongle is going to be long gone – though yes if I was taking my laptop or desktop it could just stay plugged in.

Overall I think this mouse is on the right path for wireless gaming mice. I personally just don't think it is all the way there yet. For the cost, I'd much rather deal with a wired gaming mouse.



  • Wireless, no cable mess, 250+ hours of life
  • Comfortable fit, for big or small hands
  • Typical Logitech quality, which is AMAZING!
  • Extra buttons available for your own desires



  • Wireless, feed it batteries doctor, it's dying!!!
  • Extra button layout on the left is a bit hard to distinguish
  • Cost – it's a bit high; I can get a top dollar wired mouse for the same money
  • Battery indicator on the mouse doesn't exactly work, too late to notice (enable that software option NOW!!)


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