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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

The software for the Logitech G602 can be downloaded from the Logitech website. It turns out the software is basically the same package as the other Logitech mice – so having downloaded the software for the G600 the software now acknowledges I have the G602 and reorients itself accordingly. I like being able to get one package that works for most rather than trying to find a specific one, so in my opinion I'd rather have a slightly larger download. Anyway, the first page shows off the mouse itself. You know you have the right thing for sure now. You can switch between the on-board memory and Automatic Game Detection Mode, which allows you to run profiles stored on your mouse or profiles stored on your computer. The auto detection also sees some of the games you may have installed. It can then recommend specific actions from the game as plausible button options for the mouse. It is still ultimately up to you to decide, which is always nice.















Since there is no lighting component to this mouse the software seems "less", but really the same great features are here just a couple pages less to deal with. The next page opens up Pointer Settings where you can set the number of levels to cycle through in DPI settings as well as the points at which each level is set. You can also select your Polling Rate. Here with the software open, you can switch between the Performance mode and Endurance mode to see the physical change in DPI, 500Hz to 125Hz.


Besides links to Facebook and Twitter or the Help Menu, the settings options is all that is left to the software this time (nice and simple!). The settings menu itself has four tabs. The General tab gives you options to start the software with Window's boot, and things such as allowing the software to scan for new games – giving you more profile options. The Notifications tab is quite short to the list. You can toggle the option on or off to have the battery indicator for low battery show on screen or not. I highly recommend this, as setting a button for battery indicator fails miserably. You can press it and have it show you full battery, time and time again. The software battery indicator will tell you different. You ultimately won't have the software open all the time (I don't, even with three monitors), so you WANT this notification to be ON.

The G602 page is quite simple, this is where you will be able to quickly verify your firmware version as well as grab a quick link to update it. The final tab Profile allows you to control profiles as well as have an optional hotkey to cycle through various profiles you have stored.




Ultimately the Logitech software is quite simple and easy to use. It is pretty obvious what each thing does and is easy to change back to defaults if you somehow get too mucked up. With this being the fourth use of the Logitech software recently – I highly approve of it!

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