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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Closer Look (The Software):

Not all of you are so curious to see the software itself, so for those of you who want to just read results on the next page, here's a quick summary of the software: simple and easy to use. Done. Now carry on. For the rest of you a little more curious about the details, stay here a bit and read a little more.

First off, you'll want to go to the Logitech website and download the latest firmware after buying the mouse and the executable to install the software as well. The firmware is a small download and quick to flash deal, so just do it. The software is quite necessary if you want to really take advantage of all the previously mentioned buttons, as well as coloring. The first page of the software loads up to an image of the mouse, which actually matches color with your settings as well (even with pulsing or color cycling). Three sets of buttons highlight in blue indicating what can be set/changed. Click on one to advance to the next software page (also indicated by the symbols highlighted in blue at the bottom of the screen).

















The next screen allows you to start picking settings for the mouse and defining the multiple buttons. It can look like quite the kludge of buttons at first, but it really isn't that bad when you start changing things. Here you can set the standard buttons, the buttons associated with the G-Shift, and those associated with the Mode Switch (plus the G-shift yet AGAIN!!). You can also choose to set a static color on the mouse or allow it to keep cycling. Sometimes it is easier on static to see what you are doing. Worse comes to worst, you can restore the defaults and start with a clean slate of functioning buttons.

Clicking on the options to "Edit" a button brings up the command editor. You can provide it with keystroke options including standard Windows options or an arrangement of your own. I've played a bit with fun things and ultimately got hooked on having a button for Ctrl + V to paste things about. Your other options include obvious mousing functions including left click, right click, forward, back, middle click, DPI settings, Mode Switch, and G-Shift locations. There's nothing written in stone – so you can make EVERY button what you want.



The next menu allows you to change pointer settings. Here you can set up your DPI levels (up to four) and set each one individually at whatever DPI value you desire. Out of the box the mouse comes with one DPI level set to 1200 at a 1000 Hz polling rate. It seems quite perfect with three monitors.


The next page is about everyone's favorite thing, or at least it is one of mine. You can set your color options here to cycle the lighting, pulse the lighting, or stick on one color. I really enjoyed having the cycled lighting option – something about it was just relaxing and fun to look at. You can set three parts of the wheel in the "Select Mode" window to whatever options you prefer to quickly change between. In the shot below, I have cycle lighting enabled in the top option, solid green with no effect in the left option, and solid white with full cycle lighting enabled on the right. There is a lot to play with here – take you time and pick wisely (not that you can't change it later).


These last shots are of the settings menu that pop up when you click on the gear-shaped symbol at the bottom of the screen (the final two link to Facebook/Twitter and help menus). The first "General" menu of the settings tab allows you to have the software run on startup (Windows), allows quick macro recording, allows games to control the illumination, allows on-screen graphics, and let's you scan for installed games. The G600 tab simply tells you about the firmware and provides a button to link you to update to the newest version. You can also disable illumination entirely here. The "Profile" tab allows you to set up profiles to store locally or on the little space available on the mouse for gaming on the go (up to three profiles).


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