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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Starting off with the top-down, front, and rear pictures of this mouse, quite a bit of the story shall be revealed. From the top we can see the two standard left and right mouse buttons, but what is this to the right? That is the G-shift button I mentioned in the introduction. Almost as a side car to a motorcycle, the third button sits off where your ring finger is happy to relax above that undeserving pinky. It's possible your fingers believe in a hierarchy. It's definitely something to get used to as after a little use, I'm finding I click it a lot more frequently than I had imagined. Though thankfully, it is a shift-key, so a single rapid click here and there doesn't have any major effect.

Focusing back on the looks, you can see the scroll wheel has two arrows, one to the left and one to the right. The scroll indeed has left/right tilt! There are also two buttons beneath the wheel: the G8 and G7 buttons. By default the G8 button (top) is set to be a "Mode Switch" while the G7 button (bottom) is set to "Shift + B". The Mode Switch seems to be the most notable function here, as when you press it you get yourself yet another set of the twelve thumb buttons PLUS shift options for those as well. The buttons just keep multiplying!

The bottom of the mouse appears rather plain and here I shall point out that this is an actual review sample, which means there isn't a serial number or any real identifying numbers to it. You can use your imagination as to where the stickers with the serial number and perhaps barcodes may be. However, you can actually see the massive skates on the bottom of this mouse, which provide epic glide if I must say so myself. Below the Logitech logo, you can see the hole for the laser which Logitech claims as "gaming grade" and ready to deliver precision at various hand speeds across a variety of surfaces.

From the rear of the mouse, there isn't too much to see other than a subtle Logitech logo beneath the palm of your hand. I mostly notice at this point the neat matte black finish starting to show all the scrapes and scratch marks from simply rolling around a bit. The surface does feel quite nice and it really isn't something you'll be sweating with. It's a nice literal dry feel. The front of the mouse shows off the three buttons again as well as the more impending doom of scratches. Though to be fair, beneath your hand you won't really be seeing them.















Moving on to the sides of the mouse, I'll let you see a full shot of those marvelous twelve thumb buttons I've done nothing but talk about. Looking closely you can see how there are two dish-shaped sets of buttons There are six up front (G9-G14) and six in the rear (G15-G20) separated by shape as well; what I'd call keyboard home row indicators (the little raised bumps on your J and F keys). It's quite the nice feel under the thumb and less confusing to handle than twelve buttons really sounds. The right side of the mouse really just emphasizes the width of the mouse. Adding the third button beneath the ring finger adds quite the fatness to this mouse. However, despite my small hands, I really didn't mind. The only issue I really had at first was me wanting to use the furthest right button to right click…weird how the brain works (or doesn’t, haha).



Donkeys, kaleidoscopes, crayons, and gummy bears – are you still following along? Just making sure you're still awake here. I have asked you to do a bit of reading so far, and there is only more to come (though it is all the information you want). To be kind, I won't even comment on these two shots – you should know enough at this point to get the picture (no pun intended).



The cable plugs in with a standard USB cable; not a real big surprise here at all. The braided cable is hook and loop so it is a bit softer feeling and more malleable than what has slowly become the tighter knit standard on the market. It has a nice soft-to-the-touch feel, but seems rugged overall. The cable does come with a nice inline Velcro strap that allows you to bundle it up nice on the go and not lose the strap while using the mouse since it is still attached.


Words, words, words, too many of them lately – here's just a couple shots to enjoy without WORDS!



Wrapping up the closer look, I close with some shots of the twelve buttons lit up. From the full RGB spectrum, I left the mouse on a lovely cycle blend between all the colors. The shots I happened to grab include a shade of pink, a lighter blue, and a greenish blue. Mind you there are plenty more colors to catch or from which to set a constant color to. You can also be well assured that the buttons are very clear to read across all twelve despite how the camera poorly handled the top and bottom row of buttons. I promise the real life deal is much sharper.



So that is the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse up close. It is quite the nice build and I'm overall impressed with it despite my first thoughts of "OMG BUTTONS". Only one last step to check before announcing an award to close the deal – how well does it perform? Looks and feels are one thing, but read on to see what it brings to the table in everyday use, work use, and of course, gaming.

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