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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $62.99

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Introduction:

Logitech is quite the well-known brand when it comes to keyboards and mice. At every electronics store, you'll find at least the basic Logitech mouse and keyboard on the shelf. No one can forget the MX 510 or MX 518 Logitech sold on the "gaming" market – the 510 being one of the first gaming mice out there to really catch on. It is quite fair to say Logitech started the whole gig of "gaming" mice. Who doesn't still have one in their closet or perhaps even at their desk? I know I do; I actually still have both around as go-to mice when I want something that just works.

Today we take a look at Logitech's recent mouse entry, the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. If you ever wanted a mouse with MOAR buttons, this is it. Not only are there 20 actual physical buttons, there is the "G-shift" button that essentially doubles the count. You can effectively say you have 19 times 2 buttons, or doing the simple Math, 38 buttons to play with (and really, there can be another secret set – I'll let you read to find out how). There can be no complaining about not having enough buttons in your game of Pandas now. The dual-dish thumb panel beneath your thumb houses twelve of the buttons in two actual "dish" shaped sets of six buttons, allowing you to find such buttons without having to look (a lot quicker to learn than some MMO mice out there). On top of all that, the dual-dish panel also lights up in your custom color with every possible choice on the RGB spectrum. This mouse truly has a lot to offer and at a reasonable MSRP of $79.99 USD (only $62.99 on Amazon). We best get looking at all the details before deciding to buy.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

The last packaging I saw for a Logitech product was the G510s and G19s gaming keyboards we just reviewed; before that it was the simple Logitech Internet 350 USB keyboard box I bought as a temporary (which actually ended up being longer than a year use). I don't recall the box for the MX 510 or MX 518, but I'm guessing it was something just as snazzy as this box. The front of the box shows off a full image of the mouse itself with the twelve MMO buttons glowing in white. The box is very subtle with a simple circular green background letting the mouse itself be the main focal point. The top of the box shows the standard Logitech symbol we all know. The box reads "G600 MMO Gaming Mouse" repeated below in French. The front states that there are 20 MMO-Tuned Buttons, with the back of the box explaining five additional features in three languages.















The sides of the box need not go forgotten. One side shows off the specifications of the mouse, while the other side a quick motto of "The Gear That Gets You There" with an additional top-down shot of the mouse. There is also a QR code on the bottom left corner of the box to link you to the website for more information on the mouse. As such, if you are in store, you can find out a bit more with your smartphone besides your usual Google search.



You may have noticed the edge of a front flap in one of the side profile pictures of the box. The front does open up to reveal a sealed view of the mouse itself. In formed plastic, you can actually reach your hand in and get a quick feel of the mouse. Though nothing is like holding the mouse itself, this is the next best thing when in a store without samples out. The inside of the flap provides a little information on the twelve thumb buttons and how they can indeed light up with full RGB.



The packaging for the mouse itself is pretty neat. Removing the two round stickers to the left of the mouse, you can pull out the neat triangular box. No need for a knife to open this up, as the stickers peel off with no problem and there are no annoying zip ties like all the toys of your younger years. A tidy white box encases the quick install instruction guide and warranty information. Unfolding the box carefully reveals the full mouse in all its glory. I must admit, at this point I'm most entertained with the way the cable is wrapped up so neatly. Overall, the G600 out of the box is quite the beauty. Move on to the next page to see a bit more.


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