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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review


Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Conclusion:

Ultimately I ended up loving this keyboard. When I pulled it from the box I groaned a little thinking it was going to be another oversized gaming keyboard with hard to set macros and some stupid light up screen. After installing the software and not being bound by some clunky settings I was amazed. Full RGB color options are so rare on keyboards I couldn't help but set every profile with some off shade color I normally could not obtain from a standard red, blue, green, or non-color optioned LED keyboard. I had a lot of fun with this keyboard if it wasn't just messing with its settings alone.

Typing on membranes was a nice change from the usual clacky mechs I love so much, yet so much happier than the crap Dell membranes at work. The little screen was more than some "stupid display". It allowed me to see time when I was in game, look at CPU usage without opening a task manager, switch profiles mid-game, time a test I was running, and even check out my CPU temperature (thanks to the Core Temp App). If I had more time I would have written my own app just for fun – perhaps later I can update this with such. The price was a total shocker for being a membrane keyboard at first – at least the true MSRP value. Finding it on Newegg for much less was quite the relief and really provided that value for the dollar.

For now, I'm just completely satisfied with this keyboard. I think it may be awhile before I switch back to my "norm" of a keyboard. Perhaps I'll let this run the rig for a bit. The only things I can come up with to really complain about aren't world ending by any means. I don't like the volume control wheel being so lightweight and I don't like the cheapness in the Windows toggle switch. But, they do indeed work, and that is something that matters more. Nothing is worse than feeling crappy and not working. Over time these both were something I could get used to – just took a little more use than just using it day one. I think my biggest and only real complaint of the keyboard over all is the buttons for the screen – the double tapping indeed became frustrating as hell. I got annoyed passing up the apps I wanted to cycle to, but eventually found a somewhat reliable solution to this – use APE strength. Pressing the button hard and forceful seemed to cycle more cleanly. Annoying, but again not game ending.

Overall I'm quite impressed with this board, and as I said before, I think I'll let it rule the roost for a bit – if I switch back to my usual daily driver has yet to be determined.



  • RGB coloring – Any color you want.
  • 18 macros for every game profile you can come up with.
  • A little built-in screen for changing profiles on the go and general status. PLUS you can write your own Apps!
  • Full number pad with standard key layout.
  • Quiet membrane keys – a nice change from clacky mechs.
  • Physical switch on board for toggling the Windows key.
  • Media keys for getting rid of that awful music that just came up on your playlist



  • Not mechanical – if that's what you are wanting
  • Screen doesn't adjust – if you have a light in the wrong place… uh oh?
  • Double tapping button cycling if you don't use APE strength is a bit annoying
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