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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review

Price: $69.99

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Introduction:

It has been quite some time since OCC reviewed anything from Logitech – but it's not because Logitech doesn't have its own line of epic gaming gear. No, that is indeed not the fact. Perhaps it is more the fact that Logitech gear tends to last FOREVER. Who, right now, has an MX510 sitting in their closet or right beneath the palm of their hand? I do. I've got two or three of them here. Honestly the MX510 was my first love in the field of computer mice. Its oversized blob of a mouse could really take a serious beating. That was a mouse that really went places with me – and despite its drops, rage smashes, and general "love" that thing is still kicking it. It is for sure my go to mouse whenever I am setting up a new system, using my laptop, or just need a freaking mouse (not at my desk). Why do I tell you this long boring story? Well, I think it's important to share why I have high expectations for today's Logitech review – Logitech was built tuff, is it still?

With high expectations established, what are we looking at today? Glad you asked - today we'll dive into the Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard. The G510s has quite a bit to offer, though one first surprise – it is NOT a mechanical. This surprised me a bit; the market of gaming keyboards has moved away from the once popular Razer Lycosa and lit up membranes. The market has recently been "mech this, mech that, and if you don't have a mech, you're not a gamer." So I can't tell if I'm happy to see a non-mech on the market again or if I feel like the price isn't worth it. Oh the price, haven't looked yet – she comes in at a mech-expected price of $119.99 (however it can be found for 69.99 on Newegg); perhaps this is the main reason I feel so surprised I'm not writing about a mechanical keyboard.

Well, mechanical keys aren't all keyboards offer these days (at least not anymore). The Logitech G510s has a few features you don't commonly find: 1) A Gamepanel LCD – a little two tone display screen right at the top, and 2) FULL RGB custom backlighting. It also comes standard with what are becoming the "norm" of features in the gaming keyboard world: extra discrete programmable keys, integrated USB audio, a game mode toggle option to turn off the Windows key, and, of course, media keys. Now I know a lot of you are looking down at your keyboard in front of you saying "I don't have these quote, norm, unquote options," well maybe it's because you have an older keyboard – truly/sadly these things are indeed norm anymore. However, enough ramblings – let's get on to seeing what this Logitech 510s really looks like, how it holds up, and if it can meet up to the expected high standards. Read on to find out.

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Closer Look:

As part of the OCC review standard, let's take a good look at what the 510s comes packaged in. Sometimes packaging is what makes you buy something in a store – whether it's a good buy or not, that box is damn cool. The Logitech box is pretty simple, yet extremely neat as well. It's a solid black box with an actual image of the keyboard on the front. The right side of the keyboard has been tweaked to look like an X-Ray view of its innards. You can see a bit of the mechanics behind it and of course, it just looks sweet. To match the blue-ish theme, a G510s in bright blue brings your attention to the lower left corner of the box. Below that reads "Gaming Keyboard" and then "Clavier de jeu", or French for literally "Game Keypad". Why the mix of English and French on the front? I could only guess Logitech's Switzerland orign would explain this – and with experience longer than I've lived – I'll take it.

The back of the box kicks up to another color scheme – RED. Written segments point out key features, this time in three languages: Engligh, French, and Spanish. Everything I mentioned in the introduction is introduced here in short form; just enough to get you interested. Now you just want me to open the box.









Fine. Opening up the box we get a glimpse of the keyboard inside. The keyboard itself is wrapped up in a plastic bag to protect it while in transit. The cable is neatly bundled behind it and a few surprises are hidden beneath: an arm rest and the typical instruction/warranty pamphlets are neatly tucked beneath the keyboard. Right out of the box, this is a pretty good looking keyboard.


  1. Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Introduction
  2. Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Closer Look
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  4. Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Specifications & Features
  5. Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Testing & Results
  6. Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Conclusion
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