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Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Review


Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Conclusion:

In the end the Logitech G19s was quite the spin on keyboards. It's not quite what Razer has with its touchpad screen, but it is quite fancy when it comes to just being a discrete screen. Other keyboards on the market (at least in the past) either lacked color, lacked so many app choices, and were just a neat, clunky, expensive add-on. I will say I'm not sure that I'd choose the G19s over the G510s despite the full color display and additional apps. The upcharge to get such effects is almost a full $50 from the G510s (and more depending on where you are shopping) making this keyboard quite the costly chunk of keys.

It is a great keyboard – don't get me wrong. It has a lot to offer: full RGB color, LCD screen, macros, Windows key toggle, media keys, number pad, and a nice wrist rest. It has the quality Logitech build and isn't hard on the eyes either; however it is NOT mechanical. That is a pro in some ways – some don't like mechs and it is a hell of a lot quieter than a mechanical. But for the price, the gimmicky screen isn't enough to get me – I expect mechanical keys or at least the option at this price.



  • It is gimmicky! The screen is neat and has lots of apps and the ability to make your own
  • Full RGB backlighting – get your dream color across the board
  • Nice discrete media keys and full number pad
  • 12 discrete macro keys and multiple profiles for all your games
  • Not mechanical
  • Powered USB ports



  • PRICE! $$$$$
  • Not mechanical
  • Needs a power adapter to operate the LCD screen – find an open one!
  • USB ports are 2.0 – new enough to have 3.0


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  6. Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Conclusion
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