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Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming Review



Most things that are tested at Overclockers Club are things that can be tested quantitatively, however a keyboard has no benchmark that can be run on it, so I will do my best to subjectively review the keyboard with no bias. There will be several different areas of testing I will perform, including Gaming, Comfort, Customization, and the general feel of the keyboard.


Testing System:










This keyboard is really geared towards the gamer crowd, and many popular games have support for the G19 LCD screen. Also, the "G" keys provide a quick way to perform several complex tasks easily and repeatdly. Personally, I have also been using the USB hub to power my USB headset which is incredibly useful to not have to reach behind my computer every time I want to use it. As for keyboard responsiveness, I noticed no lag, but I am by no means a professional gamer either.



The G19 was a little difficult for me to get used to at first. I kept orienting my hands over the keyboard at the far bottom left, so when I tried to press the left control key, I would actually hit the G6 key. It took me a few days to get over this, but I still do this every once in a while. Other than this, there are very few gripes I have with this keyboard. It would be nice if all the keys, including the LCD control keys, could be changed, but that is a minor issue and something that is easily overlooked.



This keyboard is very comfortable. However, some people, who like hard "clicky" keys will hate this keyboard. These keys have a very soft feel to them, and are fairly quiet, which I personally like for gaming. The ability to adjust the tilt of both the keyboard and the LCD also mean that no matter how you sit or how tall you are, you will most likely be able to find a combination that allows you to have a comfortable view of the LCD and allow typing to also be comfortable.



Obviously the G19 keyboard is very customizable. The keyboard has 12 macro keys, an LCD screen that can be set to display a wealth of information, and a backlight that can display most any color, although some colors display better than others. Additionally, the ability to change between three profiles at the touch of a button is key. If you have several games you switch between, you can make three separate profiles, complete with different backlight colors, to handle all your custom key macros.


USB Performance:

The keyboard's USB ports are fully USB 2.0 compliant, and a test performed with Flash Memory Toolkit showed no discernible difference in transfer speeds to or from a 32GB Corsair flash drive. Both the keyboard's hub as well as the direct ports on the computer transferred within about 10% of each other, with there being a slight bias towards the USB ports on the keyboard. The difference is only 0.1 megabytes per second, so the difference is extremely small. The image on the left is the screenshot of flash memory toolkit when the USB drive (a Corsair 32GB USB key), was plugged into the keyboard, while the image on the right is directly into the computer.


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