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Logitech diNovo Mini Remote/Keyboard Review

Price: $149.99


When it comes to choosing a remote device to control your dream Media Center, there are tons of options, but it’s hard to find any that have the perfect blend of portability, functionality, and ease of use. Fortunately, Logitech just released the diNovo Mini - a handheld wireless keyboard with a ClickPad that’s designed to perform all of the functions necessary to effectively control an HTPC from the comfort of your couch.

I was pretty interested in the Logitech diNovo Mini when I first heard about it - its design obviously breaks away from the norm, featuring a wide, fully functional keyboard and a ClickPad that serves as a mouse substitute. Yet, the diNovo Mini is extremely small - not much larger than the palm of my hand – and sports lightweight and sleek construction, which is certainly something I can live with. The diNovo Mini appears promising – let’s have a closer look.




Closer Look:

The diNovo Mini Remote/Keyboard comes in Logitech's signature green and black packaging, with the front panel featuring a view of the remote, and the back side highlighting some of the diNovo Mini’s features.











As I slid the inner bundle from the box, I was greeted by more of Logitech’s fancy packing – a small green box on top of another container that held some smaller items, including the manual. I set the top box aside, and found the diNovo Mini remote sitting in another fancy plastic package; I pulled it out and found a power adaptor, a battery pack, and a USB Bluetooth receiver.



In the accessory box, I found the manual, a driver disc, and a nice cleaning cloth with “diNovo” printed on it. I'm beginning to wonder if a good part of the purchase price went into the packaging and cleaning cloth; don't get me wrong, the fancy packaging and cloth are nice, but they’re not really necessary. The box will only be used once, and chances are that I'll lose the cleaning cloth like everyone else. At the bottom of the package I found the Bluetooth receiver - which sports a “Connect” button on its underside, and a power adapter to charge the Li-Ion battery. Rechargeable batteries are very handy for remote controls - nice!




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