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Logisys Wireless 800/1600 DPI Switchable Mouse Review

Price: $29.99


Computer mice have come a long way from the ball-and-two-buttons most of us remember. Not only have innovations been made in tracking technology to make mice more accurate, but comfort and application-specific features have seen great improvements as well. Decent wireless mice have been around for a while now, but they are just starting to become more affordable. Logisys has decided to follow this trend with the Wireless DPI Switchable Mouse. Logisys has long been known for its cases, power supplies and general case accessories, but recently has begun to produce a wider range of computer accessories. The Logisys Wireless DPI Switchable Mouse is the company's first foray into wireless mice. Let's see how it compares.

Closer Look:

The packaging for the mouse is a simple plastic clamshell. In the front, we can physically see the mouse and nano-reciever, along with the features and pictures of the mouse. Around the back, the features are written out in detail with captions explaining each special feature. Thankfully, Logisys chose not to go for the impossible-to-open clamshell design; this package is held closed by tabs and tape.











The items included with the mouse are standard fare; manual and a single AA battery. The manual was fairly clear, but for the most part was not needed. There is no driver CD so we’ll either have to download the drivers off of the Internet, or it will use generic Windows mouse drivers.


The included 2.4GHz “nano” receiver definitely lives up to its name. It will only stick out of your USB port a quarter inch, or 5mm, so it can be left in your laptop during transport and will not get in the way.



Now on to the mouse itself.

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