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Lian Li PC-A08 Case

Price: $98.00 US


No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into creating the ultimate computer setup, almost nobody sees the amount of time and expertise that it took to build it.  They always judge the system solely on the final visual result…the case.  With so many choices in the market place, the computer case has become more than just an enclosure.  It’s similar to the car that you drive as it can tell everyone a little bit about the type of person you are. The case you decide on ultimately affects so many factors, ranging from system performance to curb appeal or aesthetics.  Things to think about when making this decision are design, air flow, noise level, upgradeability, looks, and for the budget minded, cost.  One of Lian Li’s latest cases to hit the market is the PC-A08.  With its clean design and elegance that Lian Li has become well known for, the PC-A08 fits perfectly with its existing product line up.

Lian Li is a company based in Taiwan that was founded in 1983.  As a supplier of exclusively aluminum computer cases and associated hardware, it accredits its success to a strong commitment to quality.  Lian Li has proven itself through many years in the market place and has earned a name among the best.

Closer Look:

The packaging isn’t much to look at as it is just a plain cardboard box.  There were quite a few dents and gouges around the perimeter of the box, which caused me some concern.

The case was well protected for shipping; even though the box was in pretty rough shape, the case was unharmed.

The back of the case shows a clean look with some ventilation holes and a 120mm fan.  Also, you can see the removable power supply bracket that is pretty standard with Lian Li cases.  The entire case is constructed of aluminum and has a brushed finish on the exterior.

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