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Lian Li PC-9N Review


Lian Li PC-9N Conclusion:

Well, I wasn't sure what to think at first. After all, I have been spoiled by some fancy cases with some knockout features. The PC-9N is not particularly eye-catching. It doesn't baffle you with LED fans, faux dragon skin on the front fascia, exotic places for radiators, or double-digit hard drive bays, or a dozen fan mounting locations. Nope. No real plan for cable management. It almost sounds like I am trying to find reasons to not like this case, but really, I'm not.

So I try to think of who would buy it. The PC-9N comes in at just under $102. For someone looking for basic functionality, maybe a first time build, you can find plenty of cases in the $50 to $75 range that are certainly adequate. Every manufacturer out there has one in its line up. If you are wanting something with some more kick, you can jump up to the $100 to $120 range and you can get more features - fans, lights, ports, etc. And there are a ton of them to choose from. Can the PC-9N draw you away from cases that have more features for the same or less money?

OK, so what does this case do? Everthing it is supposed to do. It handled my ASUS extended ATX motherboard with no problems. It kept things cool under a load, and without fans all over the place. It does have space for expansion. Then there are the side and front fan options. And the way the top is removable, it came in handy during the build. I do like the all aluminum construction, but is it worth the extra dollars? That is a call only you can make.

The PC-9N is not a bad case, not at all. It may not have the big "wow" factor, but it gets the job done. If you are looking for a light weight, all aluminum, functional case, then this is it.

Pricing is a bit high comparable to other cases with similar features and is currently available at Amazon for $101.99.



  • All aluminum construction
  • Support for up to a 430mm graphics card
  • Hard drive cage can be mouted in three positions
  • Side and front fan options
  • Front filter is easy to clean
  • Surprisingly good air flow



  • 3/8 inch clearance on bottom - so be careful when sitting the case on a carpeted floor
  • Bottom filter is harder to clean (doesn't slide out)
  • Internal fan mounting options are limited


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