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Lian Li PC-A58 Case



So, what do we have here? It's a Lian Li case that looks about the same size as a Micro ATX case, but houses full-size ATX motherboards.

It has the classic Lian Li look, and is aptly named the "Classical Series", and has the high quality construction and handy features that are to be expected from such a world-class manufacturer.

But, what is the point of this case at all really? It can barely support a modern processor running at stock speed. It might be better suited to low-power processors for general-use computing. I would normally suggest a low-power Athlon64 939 processor like a single core Venice, but as the 939 socket is nearing the end of it's life, I'm not sure what to recommend. This is also why I wonder what is the intended target hardware for this case. Surely it can't be designed for Intel Core2 processors, as the temperatures seem to indicate that this would be a bad idea.

A VIA-based mini-ITX solution would be great as those motherboards can take standard 20-pin ATX power, can support 4 IDE and at least 2 SATA drives, and would run very cool. But, the processing power of a VIA CPU might be restrictive depending on what you want to do.

All in all, I'm fairly disappointed with this case, the PSU position limits you to poor-performance low-profile CPU cooling which only adds to the thermal nightmare in that area of the case. If the case cannot be used safely with modern processors, then what is this new case supposed to be used for? The only suitable processors I can think of are either old or small-form factor.



  • Extremely lightweight full-aluminum case
  • Lian Li styling
  • High-quality machining and construction
  • Handy extras (stand-off screwdriver, cable clamp)
  • No compatibility issues with PCI backplates or 5.25" drive bay



  • Poor cooling performance
  • Limitation of CPU cooling options due to space constraints
  • Limitation of CPU choice due to poor cooling
  • Using PSU as the primary CPU exhaust may decrease the PSU lifespan
  • Running CPU at high temperatures may cause errors and decrease CPU lifespan


Maybe Next Time

  1. Introduction & Closer Look (The Case)
  2. Closer Look (Working Components)
  3. Installation
  4. Installation (Continued)
  5. Installation (Continued)
  6. Specifications & Features
  7. Testing
  8. Conclusion
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