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Lian-Li PC-C35 Black Desktop Case

Price: $130


A lot of us like a small, sleek computer case to get us by but such a case can be extremely hard to find. This is where Lian-Li's PC-C35 small desktop computer case comes in. It weighs in with an all brushed aluminum design, two silent 40mm fans, and a 300watt power supply. It even sports a stealthing kit so you can cover up your optical drive's unsightly color! Nice! But be warned, this case is designed for the typical mainstream user. Due to its small size, it only supports the bare minimum of computer with no extra HDD, PCI slots, and optical drives. But its small size and sleek look is perfect for the computer where performance isn't everything!

Just about everyone has heard of the Taiwan based company Lian-Li, who has been producing computer cases since 1983. It is a huge case brand in the enthusiast world whose quality and looks are practically legendary! The company's favored look is a sleek all brushed aluminum design with no flashy bells and whistles, what many of us despise. Although their cases are somewhat expensive, many believe that they are definitely worth every penny!

Closer Look:
I was pretty excited upon the receipt of the unit and this is what I found at my doorstep.

As you can see, it came in a rather plain box. But this is Lian-Li we're talking about here, so there are no flashy graphics or lights, even on their boxes! On to the case itself!

I like the general look of the case. Small and sleek is what basically describes the beauty. The entire case is brushed aluminum with most of it painted black, while the front panel is outlined with bare silver aluminum. You might notice that the case is well ventilated with holes all over the case. Another big thing that I noticed was the lack of any external PCI and 3.5" bays! Ouch! Once again, its size takes a toll on functionality. Looks like you'll have to use a motherboard with just about everything onboard and integrated! As for the front panel, the power and reset buttons are on the far right. Your miscellaneous connectors are in the center, which includes two USB, one firewire, headphone and microphone jacks. And on the far right is the rectangular hole where your CD/DVD drive will go. A stealthing kit is included, which will be covered later in the review.

You might also notice that there are all kinds of fingerprints on the case. I left them on there on purpose as this has become a rather large nuisance on any dark colored brushed aluminum case. So you'll have to be careful not to touch the case too much. But in case you do, Windex will do the trick.

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