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Lexar 8 GB Jump Drive Secure II Plus Review

Price: $96.50


Jump drives have been around for a few years now, when they first came out I wasn't too impressed. The largest size I could find was 128MB. I had nothing that small that I wanted to transfer from one computer to another. Now, with sizes like the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Secure Plus II, I can really start seeing the use for jump drives.

A lot of enthusiasts find themselves formatting and reconfiguring their system on a regular basis, but some of us have family priorities. Maybe "priorities" isn't the correct word. Let me try this again. A lot of us have wives that will lay a beating on us if we do not keep the family pictures and their music backed up before a format. For this reason alone, the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Secure Plus II might save your marriage.

Is a jump drive more practical than an external hard drive? Can it really perform with speeds fast enough? Lets check this out together, and see if the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive is the be all end all of your back up needs.


Closer Look:

The packaging is both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. What you see is what you get rings true in this case. I can literally see everything I get. The functionality I spoke of is the domed plastic case which protected the flash drive in shipping. The back of the packaging lists some of the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive's features and the system requirements. This drive is compatible with both XP and Vista. Mac OS X is also compatible with this drive, for all of you non right clickers out there.









When you open up the package, there is an installation manual and a limited warranty pamphlet included. The installation instructions are very easy. Take drive: A, and plug it in to USB: B. It's almost idiot proof. In case you encounter any issues with the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive, the technical support line number is listed in the manual.



The Lexar Jump Drive has an LCD display on the side of it that shows how full the drive is. When you plug the drive in, the "Lexar" lettering glows blue to let the user know that it indeed is plugged in and functioning.




  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing
  4. Testing (Continued)
  5. Conclusion
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