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Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop Review



I am not an expert with gaming laptops, but this Legion Y720 seems to be a worthy one to me. The games I have thrown at it, it has proven capable of playing, though the more graphically intense ones have needed some options turned down. Plugging it in may be necessary for the best experience, and in one case to even have a playable experience.

The battery life is where I would expect it to be, with two hours while gaming and even reaching six hours in Powermark's Productivity benchmark. This is without tweaking the power profile for better battery life.

The speakers are quite efficient it seems, so you do not need to turn them up much to listen to music while you work or play. At its highest brightness setting, the display can also get pretty bright, so much so I doubt I would have it up that high and 40% is enough for me. It is a 4K display but I think I would be happy with a normal 1920x1080 resolution on this 15.6" screen. Still is nice to have, but for gaming in general, you will probably always be at a lower resolution that gets scaled up and not the native 3840x2160 resolution.

With how much I write, a good and comfortable to use keyboard is important to me, and I am quite satisfied with this keyboard. The keys have a good, firm action to them and with little wiggle. The position of the number pad is a little weird, but I am sure only time and practice are needed to adapt. I also find the position of the track pad to be awkward, being so far left of center. This places part of it under my left hand when it is positioned for typing or using WASD, risking my bumping it by accident. There is an option to avoid this mistaken input, but it also results in intentional clicks and movements being ignored, and I am not sure how to disable the setting. With time I could correct this, but a separate mouse (or controller just for gaming) seems the better option.

I may have some criticisms for it, but still, this Legion Y720 is a good laptop and I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with it. Current Price is $1020US.

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