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Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop Review

Price: $1049.99+


An amazing opportunity was recently presented to me and I jumped at it. This opportunity was to receive a loan from Lenovo for two of the devices it offers. One is the Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset, and the other is the Legion Y720 gaming laptop, which is VR-ready thanks to its NVIDIA GTX 1060 and Intel i7-7700HQ CPU. There are normally a few models of this laptop available for sale, but as I look at the product page now, the specific model sitting on my lap is not among them. It features a 4K screen, which is the one currently not listed on the Lenovo website, but many of the features are shared across the different Y720 models. Do not worry, I will provide a fuller list of specs later on (the DirectX Diagnostic Tool can come in handy for that), but I wanted to make it clear this is not quite the base model. My memory is not exact, but I believe I saw the price of this model being around $1500, when it was still listed. The base model has a web price of $1397.99, but with 'instant savings' comes down to $1049.99.

As this laptop is only being loaned to me, I have not moved in, but for testing I have naturally installed a number of applications including 3DMark, Powermark, a number of games ('flat' and VR games), OCAT for recording frame time data, and OBS Studio, to see how well its CPU is able to handle gaming and x264 encoding (Of course using either the Intel Quick Sync or NVIDIA NVENC ASICs will practically remove any stress from the CPU, but that would hardly be a worthwhile test). I also installed PCMark, but for some reason it crashed every time I tried to run it, so we are going to be stuck with just gaming and battery life data, along with my experiences using it.


As with the Lenovo Explorer review, I do not have a good camera for taking my own pictures, so I will be using some of the images from the product page. Sorry about that, but it is what I can do.

For anyone interested, my personal laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, which I have had for several years. While these two laptops are in completely different categories, there might be some characteristics I will compare between the two of them, when it seems appropriate.

That is all I have for the introduction, so how about we get to the actual reviewing?

  1. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Introduction
  2. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Physical Characteristics
  3. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Basic-Use Experience
  4. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Hardware Specs
  5. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Battery Life
  6. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Gaming Experience
  7. Lenovo Legoin Y720 Review - Conclusion
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