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Lenovo Explorer and Windows Mixed Reality Review



It may be a good idea for me to point out I do not have any experience with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or other modern AR/MR/VR platform, but I think I can still comfortably say the Lenovo Explorer, and likely other Windows Mixed Reality headsets, are succeeding at least one of their goals, which is to bring a full experience to people, without being too expensive or too complicated to set up. If you want a mixed/virtual reality headset that will allow you to sit or stand in your space, swiveling your head around for new enemies while you attack those you already spotted, you can get that with the Lenovo Explorer. If you want a room-scale experience where you can walk to navigate the virtual environment as though you exist in it, you can have that with the Lenovo Explorer as well. No extra hardware is required, unless you want to upgrade or build a special computer for it. Just get the headset, plug it in, follow the on-screen prompts, install the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR application, and go. It might take you longer to orient the HDMI or USB plug into your computer than to get the software ready, and that is a good direction for this technology to be heading.

For a general-use headset, the software is not particularly convincing, but give the environment some time, and this will probably improve. For a gaming headset, I am more than satisfied because even with how much is still marked as 'Beta,' so much works, works well, and is fun. This has been a very enjoyable experience for me and I hope it is one many will come to share in the future. I am not sure if MR/VR is going to invade our lives as much as some have predicted, but the Lenovo Explorer can make a worthy attempt, and at $399 with controllers (at both Amazon and the Microsoft Store) does so at a more interesting price than some competitors. It is an impressive device, especially for its MSRP, so if you want to bring MR/VR into your home, this may be the way you want to do it.

  1. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Introduction
  2. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Hardware
  3. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Experience - Windows Mixed Reality Portal
  4. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Experience - SteamVR
  5. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Experience - Gaming
  6. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Room-scale vs. Sitting/Standing Experience
  7. Lenovo Explorer & Windows Mixed Reality Review - Conclusion
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