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Lapworks Aluminum Desktop Stand

Price: $69.95 USD


Are you having trouble with fatigue and sore shoulders, because of the way you have to use your laptop computer? Neck strain because you are always looking down at the monitor? Get the numbness and tingling that signals the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel syndrome? These are some of the problems experienced by plenty of people every day across the world.  What if there was a way to help ease some of that strain while working at your desk or workstation?  There just might be a something that can help. The Lapworks aluminum desktop computer stand is an adjustable stand that functions not only as a stand, but as a cooler as well.  With the ability to go from a flat 0% incline to an angle of 45%, you can hook up a keyboard to your laptop and have the monitor at the correct viewing height to prevent neck strain. There are six available stops on the adjustment ladder - three suitable for use when typing and the balance when using the laptop as a monitor, only with a keyboard and mouse attached. 

The second function that this product is capable of is as a laptop cooling device. If you have ever used your laptop on your lap, you know the reasons that it is important to cool the device somehow. For those that have not, you may well have heard the stories on the news or radio about the people on long flights who end up with serious burns on their legs from prolonged use of the device on their legs. With this kind of heat being generated, it can't be good for either the user or the device. The company claims a 23% reduction in temperatures with the use of this stand. Let’s see if we can generate the same results and be more comfortable at the workstation.

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, California Lapworks designs and manufactures products to make laptop or notebook computing easier and safer, so that you can be more productive.

Closer Look:

The box that arrived was a generic, with the specifications of the desk stand listed on the front panel.


Once removed from the package, the desk stand is wrapped in plastic and contains an instruction sheet detailing how to set up the desk stand. The stand comes enclosed in its own carrying case that doubles as a mouse pad.




The desk stand is not polished or brushed, but that does not detract from its looks. It is a simple looking product, but quite functional. The base has a swivel assembly that allows you to twist the stand around for demonstrations or sharing.


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  2. Closer Look ( Continued)
  3. Installation, Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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