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Razer Lachesis 3G Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $79.99


When a soldier goes into battle he makes sure he has the best weapon he can fight with. Well, in the world of gaming the the best weapon is the mouse you use. Just like you would not fight a war with a slingshot, you should not game with a white box mouse. Mice have come a long way in the years getting more precise with better technology. The latest being laser technology which allows unparalleled accuracy in any situation.

The Razer Lachesis 3G mouse is the latest of the RAZER line of gaming mice. The Lachesis is named after the venomous "Lachesis Muta Muta" which is Latin for "Bringer of Silent Death" . The Razer Lachesis is a 3G laser mouse with an ultra sensitive 4000 DPI. For those of you that never heard of the 3G laser it is technology developed by Razer that allows for true DPI which is not interpolated by software. The 3G laser in the Lachesis allows for a max tracking speed of 60-100 IPS (Inches per Second) and an acceleration rate of  25g (245 meters per second). With all of that said does the increased  DPI and speed make the difference? Well, lets put the Lachesis to the test and find out for ourselves.


Closer Look:

If the packaging gives a hint to what the Razer Lachesis has to offer I am already anxious to use it. The box has a sleek look to it showing you the lethal device inside just waiting to be released. The back highlights the key points of the Lachesis in ten different languages. The sides have features and a word from Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff on what makes the Lachesis the best mouse on the market.











Opening the front cover flap gives an eerie sense of the "Snake" emerging from it's cave. This gives you a really good view of the Lachesis in it's natural habitat. The inside of the cover has a passage explaining what the "Bringer of Silent Death" will do to it's enemies.


Included in the box is the Lachesis mouse, manual, quick start guide, certificate of authenticity, a brochure about the Lachesis, a brochure of other RAZER products, two RAZER logo stickers, and the driver CD.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look ( The Mouse )
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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