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NZXT Kraken X31 Review


NZXT Kraken X31: CAM Software

NZXT makes the free CAM Digital Control software available by download. Remember the USB connector you plugged into your motherboard? That is what links your new hardware to the software. The software installs quickly and enables you to control and monitor various aspects of your system. I should note that after you install the software, you have to register it in order to use it. You quickly get a confirmation email and you are ready to go. There are also CAM apps for your mobile phone, just those will be ready in the next few months. From the NZXT website: "CAM keeps a watchful eye on your PC with real-time monitoring of your computer's vital statistics. Stored in the Cloud, CAM allows complete access to detailed information to ensure optimal PC health and performance."

After you install the CAM software, you will be guided through a short tutorial that shows you the various features. I often skip the tutorials, but this is a good one to watch - and it doesn't take long.





The tutorial walks you through what each panel does and has nice text descriptions that detail each function.



There are four possible modes - this screenshot shows the Basic mode. Basic mode can be used on a PC to simply monitor the system. If you have certain CAM compatible NZXT products installed, such as the Kraken CPU coolers or the Grid digial fan controller, they will be recognized and accessible through the CAM interface. 

The Basic interface consists of three panels. The left hand panel shows your PC specs. The center panel shows the CPU (or GPU) temperatures and then you can select the Load Usage for the CPU, GPU, RAM, NET, or HDD. The far right panel shows the loads in graph form and allows you to select a time period, such as by the minute, hour, day, etc. And at the bottom there is a panel that shows notifications and details about the status of your system.

You can set the fan control profile to Manual, Custom, Silent, or Performance. The manual control allows you to set the fan speed and it stays at that set point until you change it. Custom allows you to create a fan curve profile with various moveable set points, while Silent and Performance each have pre-defined fan profiles. The pump speed is variable, but you cannot manually control it. You will see a reference to the Hue (LED color) control and while the X41 and X61 each have the ability to change the LED colors on the pump housing, the X31 does not have that feature.


Here is a screenshot during normal load testing.  Since I have the Kraken X31 installed, you can see that it is selectable at the bottom right.  And when it is selected, the panel headers all change to the color of the Kraken selection box, which in this case is a light green. The temperature digits change color as the temperatures rise. My experience with the CAM software package was positive. It was responsive and didn't appear to be bloatware or a resource hog.


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