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NZXT Kraken G10 Review


NZXT Kraken G10 Conclusion:

One word really sums it up for me - WOW!  Now really, the glory goes to the X31 - after all, it did all the work. But NZXT hits the ball out of the park with the combination of the X31 and the G10. My GPU temps took a huge dive under the heaviest of loads. And for just an extra $29.99 over the cost of the X31, you have a serious weapon against the heat.

Installation was straightforward and easy. The only issue is that for my particular GTX 670 graphics card, the VRM wasn't getting much air flow. So I decided to add a supplemental fan. For me, this was not a problem. I had the fan, the space, and the extra fan header open on my motherboard. However, this will not be the same on every card or chassis combination.

NZXT gives you a two-year warranty on the G10 and while you have to supply the AIO cooler, you do have the flexibility to select from several brands. Easy installation, convenient software control (CAM), and top-notch performance make the G10 a definite must-have.

Do you already have a spare Asetek-style cooler not being used? Maybe you are looking for an excuse to do a complete cooling makeover? Either way, if you want to give your graphics card a break from the heat, then the Kraken G10 is definitely something to check out.



  • Huge temperature drops
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • AMD and NVIDIA GPU compatibility (limited model coverage)
  • Price



  • VRM may not be cooled without a supplemental fan


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