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Koribo Wireless Keyboard Roundup Review



So, Koribo is looking to expand their market reach and thinks it has some damn good products to make that happen, but, does it? Excepting the Mini, I say yes. On their own, the Leira and Vivar are very good keyboards that offer an excellent amount of functionality in a compact size, and I would recommend that anyone interested in a media center keyboard check out Koribo's offerings. Since Koribo has no distributor for the Americas, I also have to take a look at what similar products are available and for what price. As it is, there are a medium-sized handful of media center keyboards that offer the amount of functionality that Koribo's keyboards do. All-in-one keyboard/mouse media center keyboards generally range from $35 to $60 and range in sizes like that of the Leira and Vivar, all the way down to that of the Mini. Given my experience with their keyboards, I think that Koribo would have a fair chance at having a prosperous venture into the American markets if the Leira and Vivar were priced around $40.

Having said that, the Leira and the Vivar are the two keyboards I would recommend. They both offer a wide range of control keys and hotkeys that offer functions not only within media playback programs, but also within Windows and Internet browsers. I prefer the Leira over the Vivar because it has a touchpad, it's a little more aesthetically pleasing, and there are a a few more hotkeys. Otherwise they're nearly identical, both are capable of light gaming, and you really only need to decide if you want a trackball and like the shape of the Vivar. On the other hand, using the Mini just isn't a pleasurable experience. Typing with it for any length of time is cumbersome and uncomfortable, the joystick mouse is slow, reception is shoddy, and the scroll-pad, which might have been a nifty feature, doesn't work so well. There are other miniature media center keyboards available that I've looked at and can only think of as being better than the Mini. They offer touchpads or small trackballs which would certainly make a huge difference. As it is I don't recommend the Mini and don't think it would have much of a chance in the American markets. I rather think that introducing the Mini into the American markets would not be a good way for Koribo to introduce itself. Overall though, the Leira and Vivar are very good media center keyboards and I heartily recommend them and would like to see them distributed over here. All in all, I award Koribo a silver award for the Leira and Vivar, but the Mini will have to go away with nothing.




  • Most attractive
  • Underside ergonomic grooves
  • Multitude of media control keys and hotkeys
  • Multi-touch touchpad
  • Excellennt wireless range
  • Keys possibly lettered with laser etching
  • Some keys pull double duty as a numpad
  • Can be turned off



  • Numlock off by default
  • Included batteries not rechargeable
  • Uses mushy rubber dome key switches
  • Method of turning the keyboard on and off is oblique





  • Underside ergonomic grooves
  • Trackball!
  • Numlock on by default!
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Some keys pull double duty as a numpad
  • Can be turned off
  • Included batteries are rechargeable
  • Batteries can be charged in the keyboard with included cable



  • Egg-shaped
  • Fewer hotkeys than Leira or Mini
  • Key lettering is pad printed
  • Method of turning keyboard on and off is oblique





  • Compact size
  • Power toggle is obvious
  • Capslock indicator!
  • Multitude of function and hotkeys



  • Uncomfortable to type with
  • Inconsistent reception
  • Thumbstick mouse is too slow
  • Scroll-pad too fast and desensitized
  • Included batteries not rechargeable

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued (Leira)
  3. Closer Look; Continued (Vivar)
  4. Closer Look: Continued (Mini)
  5. Specifcations & Features
  6. Installation & Testing
  7. Conclusion
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