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Kingwin KWI-450W (450 watt) power supply unit

Price: $76 -/+ USD (Street Price)


For the average computer owner, that measly 220W power supply is more than enough to power their system. For the enthusiast, it's all about power, and demand for power can be double or even triple that of the average owner. Not only do we have to run our highly over clocked computer, we have to power other items such as Cold Cathode Lights, Fan Buses, LCD displays, a dozen fans, a water cooling setup, and maybe even a TEC/Pelt, and the more items we add, the more power we need. Well, thanks to companies like Kingwin, we have a supplier for our demanding needs. And today, they've supplied us with a 450W Triple Fan Switching Power Supply.

A Closer Look

Included in the package is, the power supply, user guide, mounting screws, and a power cord that runs a little over 5-feet. In addition to the 20 pin ATX connector, 4 pin P4 connecter, and 6 pin AUX connecter, this power supply also has 10 total large 4 pin (Hard Drive) connectors and 2 total small 4 pin (Floppy Drive) connectors. One nice feature about this power supply is the main ATX cable has been rounded with a nylon (?) wrap, and the other cables have been tied together using standard wire ties. It would have been really nice if Kingwin had wrapped all the wires like the ATX cable, I mean, why stop with one?

As stated before, this is a triple fan power supply, and in case you forget, Kingwin included a sticker on the unit to remind you. The two intake fans for the PSU have clear blades, and the exhaust fan for the PSU is completely clear, which you'll get a better look at in a moment. Each fan also has a nice gold grill, which can be removed and replaced with your own, if gold isn't your style. Beside the exhaust fan, on the rear of the PSU is a small red switch that allows you adjust the fan speeds. In addition to this switch, the three fans are also thermally controlled, so they only work when they need to.

What kind of review would this be if I didn't open it up, and take a look? Remember, opening a PSU will not only void the warranty, but is also extremely dangerous. With that said, let's take a look inside...

The first thing I noticed, is the two huge gold heat sinks that match the gold fan grills. The three fans connect to a controller card, using 2 pin connectors; this then allows the switch, or thermal controller to adjust the speed of the fans. Unfortunately, none of the fans have RPM monitoring, and thus, the PSU itself doesn't allow for RPM monitoring. This is something I thought was pretty much a "standard" now days, but I guess I was wrong.


This is what I used to test the PSU:
Abit KX7-333R Motherboard
AMX XP 1800+ (1.53 GHz) @ 1.69 GHz
w/ vCore set at 1.825
512 MB Cosair PC2700
VisionTek GeForce 4ti 4600
SBLive 5.1 Platnium
6x ThermalTake 80mm High Performance Case Fans
1x Vantec Tornado 80mm Fan
1x 60G Maxtor 7200RPM Hard Drive
1x 40G Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM Hard Drive
1x Creative 16x DVD Drive
1x Plextor 24/10/40A CD-RW Drive
Vantec Nexus Multifunction Panel

I would have tested this PSU with a Peltier, however at the time of this review, I have yet to recieve the Peltier that is coming my way. To test the PSU, I ran my system for two hours with [email protected] running, as well as a looping 3DMark2001 test. I also had my CPU overclocked, running with a high vCore. I used MBM5 to monitor and log the results, and then preformed the test on my old Antec Solution Series SL400 400W PSU. Here is a side-by-side of the two PSU's. The Kingwin is on the right.

As you can see. the results of both PSUs were very close, the Kingwin had slightly higher voltage levels for both the +12.00v and +5.00v readings, and the vCore and +3.30v readings for both units were identical.


At arround $75.00, the Kingwin KWI-450W PSU is a nice unit and there isn't much you won't be able to power. The PSU is extremely quiet, and the thermally controlled fans, as well as the speed switch helps make sure the PSU stays quiet.


  • Installs easy
  • Quiet
  • Lot's of connectors
  • Gold Fan Grills / Heat Sinks
  • Clear Fans
  • Auto Thermostatic Controlled Fans + Speed Switch


  • No RPM Monitoring Support

I'd like to thank Kingwin, Inc. for sending me this to review.

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