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Kingwin KT-436 Aluminum Case review

Price: $164.99


Today we look at the new Kingwin KT-436 aluminum case to see what all the hype is about. Kingwin Inc has been making CPU coolers for 6-7 years now, and they have just recently jumped in to building computer cases. To start their new venture in to building computer cases, they chose to go with a decked out aluminum case with a lot of cooling power. The model, KT-436, comes in many different varieties. There is the KT-436G (The one I am reviewing), KT-436B, KT-436-BK, KT-436S, and the newest KT-436WM. The KT-436WM case includes a windows in the side of the case. However, the case is the same as this one that I am reviewing today. Below are pictures of each one of the products.


  • Green Acrylic Glass Front Panel
  • Front fan filter
  • Front headphone jack
  • Front mic jack
  • Fan grills throughout
  • (4) Front USB Ports
  • (1) Front Firewire Port
  • (6) Ball Bearing Case Fans
  • (6) PCI Slots
  • (1) AGP Slot
  • (4) 5.25" external drive bays
  • (3) 3.5" external drive bays
  • (6) 3.5" internal drive bays

  • Closer look

    The case came in a big box with a nifty little handle so that you can easily carry the box.


    This case is very unique, and is the first of its kind. One of the first things noticed about this case is the front bezel. It's made of a very thick acrylic glass, and is more prone to scratches than plexi glass. I really wish Kingwin would sell "just" the front bezel so we could swap the colors every once in a while. Kind of like how we switch our faceplate on cell phones.

    A big feature I look for in a case, is whether or not it comes with front usb ports and a firewire port. I think more and more people are wanting these as well, which is why more and more case manufactures are including them with their cases. The front redirect ports on this case include a total of four usb ports, which is a rare find. With four ports, I am able to connect my joystick, gamepad, and digital camera without having to reach behind my computer to find the ports. There is also a firewire port, which I never use because believe it or not I don't have any devices that support firewire. Looking closer at the front ports you will notice two more small ports on the bottom. These two ports are for your headphones and microphone. With these in front of your computer, you should never have to reach behind your computer again to plug something up.

    There are a total of three 3.5" external drive bays. The covers are very flush with the front bezel. The drive bay covers are almost identical to the drive bay covers on my Lian Li 70 case.

    You have room to grow with this case, because it comes with four 5.25" external drive bays. That could be used for CDRW, DVD, NewQ EQ?, and maybe an LCD display? Again, the covers are very flush with the bezel.

    On top of the case, you find something you don't find on many other cases, a 80mm blow hole. I really love the design of the holes too! I think it looks better than a fan grill, and unlike the fan grill you can't stick your fingers in it :)

    On the side panel of the case (the side where your motherboard will go), you will find yet another 80mm case fan. The fan is positioned directly over your where your CPU will be on your motherboard. This is to draw all of the hot air out from your CPU and case. This is where I always put a case fan in all of my cases. Since this case already has one installed, less work for me. You can clearly see from the picture that the 80mm hole was cut precisely. Some people might not like the gold colored fan grills, while other may love it. If you don't like it, you can always buy a chrome colored one, or one of those really cool laser cut fan grills. I think Kingwin should have went with Laser cutted fan grills, because it would have made the case look at much more sleek.

    Here is the other side of that panel. It comes with a fan grill and a fairly long power cable.

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